Thursday, 13 June 2013

Chestnut Cake (glutan free and still very good)

First time I ate this lovely cake in Provence, in Brantes, that is small stony village, with only 84 inhabitants. Follow the stony stairs and stony path to the end  of it, and you will find a little restaurant with breath-taking views into the green-blue valley. It was unbelievable... Fresh green mixed with flower colours, slow sunset , silence and peace everywhere... no feeling of time, but of different smells, and romantic. I' ve enjoyed every second.  
And then... then I was sitting in blooming garden once. Behind long table, which was full of various delicacies - at my friend's Medovka place. When suddenly and unexpectedly the chestnut cake came.  And I was immediately sure, that it was "SHE". 
 And - from that time I use to make it :) Don't be afraid, it's easy. 

chestnut cake

150 g chestnut puree
200 g of chocolate
150 g of butter
2TS  rum
4 eggs
150 g of sugar
1/2 TS of vanilla essence or vanilla sugar
100 g nuts  or almonds
250ml of vanilla cream (whipped cream with vanilla essence) 

Slowly defrost the chestnut puree and prepare the baking form in advance at first. 
Mix the egg yolks with the sugar until it turns into a light foam and then add nuts and vanilla essence.
Slowly melt chocolate and butter in a bowl or pot above steam, slowly stir until mixture is cool.
Add into the yolk mixture gradually and then mix also Chestnut puree and rum. You will get  a thick, smooth paste.
Whisk the whites properly. Add them gradually into the masses, and stir very gently by hand.
Pour the batter into the form and let bake in the oven, temperature up to 170-180 ° C, about 45-60 minutes. Then try with toothpick. It should be firm to the touch, but inside a little suppler, it should not be completely dry, it should have a consistency almost like nougat.
The dough during baking goes up slightly, on the top it tends to develop cracks - that's OK. Carefully remove from oven and leave to cool. Assume that the cake will fall slightly. Allow to cool and carefully remove the mold. Cake is best after 24 hours and more ...
Serve with a scoop of vanilla or chestnut cream.
(Chestnut whipped cream - you will  create by adding cream to chestnut puree (about 150 grams) and whisk until stiff. Easy.  And very good. :)

chestnut cake 

Little Restaurant in Brantes, France

and they have chestnut cake ... 

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