Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Myt Lavender Cake

( gluten free and still the best in the world )
lavender cake 
6 eggs (separate yolks and whites  )
120g of cane sugar - grind it
120 g of walnuts (try to grind it in the way that you get both, smaller and bigger pieces )
1 teaspoon of ground coffee


Mix yolks and  sugar until it changes colour more to white,  add coffee and walnuts.
Then - very gently mix the beaten whites by parts. 
Spread the form with butter, then add a little bit of spelt flour and pour batter into the cake form.
Bake cca 45 min (and more) on 180°C ( always check with a toothpick - it must be clean when you pull it out . And remember - don't crack the oven door ! the cake is as fragile as you)

Cut it in two halves ( use the knife to cut it around and then use thread to finnish it.)
Put fresh raspberies (you can tear them)  on the bottom half of the cake and then cover it with filling. 

250ml of sour cream
250 - 300 ml of mascarpone 
8g (one pocket) of Bourbon Vanilla sugar or a few drops of vanilla essence 
2 drops !!! (NOT MORE) of bio Lavender essencial oil 
80 - 100g of cane sugar (grind it to powder) 
  • mix it properly and spread the cream on raspberries. 
  • cover with another half of the cake, put the cake form over it, cover with folie and leave in the fridge for 24 hours (OR at least for two hours, pls. Its minimum, as the cake is best after  12-24 hours)
  • after 12 - 24 hours  you can make the last covering
  • beat 250ml of whipped cream with 2 drops! (maximum!) of lavender essential oil and 5g of Bourbon Vanilla sugar and with teaspoons of cane sugar (ground in powder)      ( the combination of true vanilla and lavender is the bases, of this cream, it must be
raspberries, lavender flowers, sugar candied flowers  (violet, rose, mint, verbena - crumble them a little -  smaller pieces look better and they are more pleasant to eat. Also decorate also with very tiny fresh top mint leafs. Finito!

lavender cake with candied flowers 

lavender fields

lavender cake 

sugar candied flowers

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