Sunday, 23 June 2013

Your homemade strawberry ice-cream

strawberry icecream

I will tell you the recipe for my favorite ice cream. I don't like ice cream recipes, where the basis is milk and eggs. So  ​​last summer I came up with my ice cream - I think that if ice cream basis is good, then also the ice cream as result must be good.
In this case you do not need ice cream maker, it's easy, you know all materials you will use, your friends will be stunned and everybody will be happy enjoying your marvellous ice cream.
But remember, that the most important thing is the quality of your strawberries. Try to use rape, red, fragrant strawberries from your garden or from the market. 
But don't overdo it, you might get fat  !!!  :)

We need:
400 grams of strawberries
150 g powdered sugar, if possible, cane (mix it to get powder sugar)
a few drops of vanilla essence (you will get it in M & S, or vanilla sugar in -  DM)
a few drops of lime or lemon - for better taste
250 ml 33% to 36% cream
1cl of rose water - if you have it, add it. It's great.

Puree strawberries with sugar and vanilla flavor with lemon or lime, add rose water. (rosy smell goes beautifully together with the smell of strawberries, so if you have rose water, add it to the strawberry mixture. But of course, it is not a necessity.)
Then carefully mix into the whipped cream.
Pour into a bowl,  close it properly and freeze for at least 6 hours. You will get delicious strawberry ice cream, of beautiful colour, with pieces of strawberries, with the scent of strawberries and ... with flavours of real strawberries.

homemade ice cream
delicious ice cream

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