Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Violet syrup

 Violete syrup and Violet Liquere
(recepy is a part of my upcoming ebook "Recepies not only for my Dears)")

Yes, you can prepare a superb violet syrup or liqueur. In France, they use this delicacy very often.  You can taste the violet ice cream, you can also meet  violets in drinks, in desserts, in chocolate ...  But maybe, we have forgotten that our grandmas used to make these delicacies - syrups and liqueurs quite often in the past. Violet syrup was mainly used with children to cure cough. So, if you want taste it, this is your chance :)

Here is the recipe.

1000 ml of fresh violet florets without stalks
1000 ml of water
1000 g of granulated sugar 
juice of lemon or lime (lime is tastier)
At this stage you have syrup. If you want liquor, just continue proceed further on):
500 ml of alcohol

Put flowers in a sieve and gently rinse with cold water. Shake gently to get rid of water .. Then we put them in a larger container and pour boiling water. Cover it and let it to infuse in a dark, cool place, for 24 hours. Then strain through several layers of gauze and make sure that the solution doesn't contain any pieces of flowers. Add sugar, (the rule should be: one part of violet water to one part of sugar) Finally, add the lime juice (be careful !!! just 2-4 TS) put it on medium heat, stirring it constantly until it boils. Collect the foam. Then put down from the heat, let it cool and pour into bottles. At this stage we’ve got violet syrup. When it cools, pour the alcohol ...  vodka, grappa ...), so  we have liquor. Stir well and fill into sterile bottles. Then put it into a cool place and start clapping. Oh, and beware, if you put in too much lime juice, the liquor will not be purple, but pink.

violet liquere

homemade violet liquere

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