Sunday, 30 June 2013

Coconut Mousse au Chocolate with Strawberry Sauce


1 fresh, chilled whipped cream (2.5 dl)
  - 36% is ideal 
1/2 - 3/4 slice of gelatine or 1 egg
120 grams of white chocolate
a few drops of vanilla essence
or 1TS of vanilla sugar
1TS of coconut

First, pour the gelatin into a small bowl and let it swell. Break the chocolate in pieces and put it into a deep plate on the pot of  boiling water to melt slowly. It is important to stir it. The more you mix it, the better chocolate you will get.  Meanwhile prepare your whipped cream.
Then take the softened gelatine and melt it in a small pot in a small amount of cream.  Just melt it.  Then pour into lukewarm chocolate. Attention - now it will look bad. Everything begins to stiffen, and you feel that you've just broke down everything. Just do not give up and be patient. Piece by piece add the whipped cream . Add cream and lightly stir again and again... When it finally succeeds, gradually add more cream and finally mix it all very lightly with the rest of the cream and let it thicken.
(If you fail don't worry it has nothing in common with your intelligence)

Strawberry Sauce
250 grams of fresh sweet strawberries
50 grams of cane sugar
vanilla essence
white chocolate mouse with strawberry sauce

Coconut Mousse au Chocolate with Strawberry Sauce... 

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